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REVIEW: $2 Daiso Skincare Products

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored/paid review.

Today’s all about my $2 skincare products – yes, you heard that right.

First of all, I have never dealt with any major skin issues – except occasional dryness, pimples, slightly uneven skin tone and dark circles.

Always on the lookout for Asian/natural/inexpensive skincare products, I decided to guinea pig myself and experiment with several Daiso products.


  1. Aloe Bubbling Make-Up Remover

This is my most prized Daiso purchase so far, I wish I knew about this earlier. I’m on my second tube already.

I use this to remove my face makeup, avoiding eye area. Just a little amount (20c coin) is effective enough – and it’s fast!

I’m a lazy person when it comes to skincare, so I’ve always been using regular facial foam to double up as a remover for my base (bb/cc cream, powder) – and that’s never going to happen again.

I follow up with a Biore waterproof eye makeup remover, before washing my face with a Cetaphil foam cleanser (another amazing product mentioned in my Trinity Medical skincare post).

Nowadays, my skin has gotten better as I realize that a pimple won’t even last as long, and I’m quite sure this has played a part.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack

I finally found an (extremely) inexpensive sleeping pack that makes my dry skin soft again.

You have the squeeze a generous amount to slather all across your face (avoiding eye area) and leave it overnight.

Wash it off the next day and you can definitely feel the difference.

  1. Hyaluronic Deep H Moisture Gel

I use this cream in the morning after the sleeping pack just to add more moisture to my face before applying my base.

It feels light and non-oily so makeup doesn’t crease.

  1. Collagen Face Mist

I love face mists – and I love this even more because it’s only $2. I’m on my third bottle now.

I use this to set my makeup. It gives back moisture and slight dewiness to powdered skin.

I purchased all these products from Daiso ION Orchard basement.

Hope this review proves useful for some of you with similar skin types!

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