[Outfit] Nude & Black Lace Sandals

Shoes – Zalora | Shades – Raybans

Dropped by my beautician’s place Nouri Face & Body Concepts yesterday and grabbed my favourite sea salt caramel latte from my friend’s cafe Tolido’s Nook next door.

I’ll probably have to undergo 3 more laser sessions for my past eyebrow embroidery before I can do a proper post about the new ‘6D’ technique. If you plan to do eyebrow embroidery, I suggest you wait for my upcoming post because:

1. I wish someone had told me this before I did it twice, where I paid hundreds for it the first time.

2. I was possessed shaved my entire brows off (yes, really) so you will be able to understand what details I’m talking about.

3. It’s so natural that I trust my boyfriend to do it, as proof that he won’t look like a drag queen. I tame his brows at home but I can’t fill in the gaps so this subtly defines the shape better.

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