Why You Can Never Please Everyone And That’s Okay

They say,

Why should I be girly? You’re a gender stereotype. But oh why can’t men be gentlemanly like those of the past?

What, you’re a female plumber? It isn’t cool or ladylike, but believe me when I say no woman should be reduced in a male dominated field.

We are primary victims of abuse by men: she cheated on him? He must have done something to deserve it.

It’s an ad featuring a skinny white girl in lingerie? What a way of dehumanising and objectifying real women with real curves. It’s an ad of a pot-bellied asian man? Gross, I’m never going to buy it. Let me go hit the gym for a better body.

But you know, people can wear whatever they want – although I mean girls in crochet halter bikinis not men in floral skirts. And if you’re a girl, why do you have so many tattoos?

Find a man who loves you, but not too much. Why is he doing all those things for you? Poor guy, you must be a sexist. He might seem desperate. You’re too dependent.

He doesn’t pay attention to me? I don’t like him. But I’ll hug him tighter, just to wait for him to reciprocate, before I let go. He texts me on Facebook regarding a maths question? If he’s handsome: he must like me / If he’s not handsome: ew, stalker, let me screenshot that and repost it on Facebook.

She’s pretty? It must be the makeup, filter, or aesthetic enhancements. She’s not wearing makeup? Boring. You’re pretty and you take selfies? You must be shallow, find something better to do as I stalk 10 other online celebrities and spend my time discussing about the way they look. 

Oh but you became popular on Instagram? I should follow you again and ask you to advertise my product for free. If you don’t, fame must have changed you to be a snob.

If I was a popular fashionista? my#squadgoals filter so lit I can (assume I’d be able to) get away with doing shitty things in real life because I’ve 100k fans. And that’s all that matters right?

You look so good today, what for? You look bad today, can you just look good for yourself?

Did you not know, it’s all about the character?  But did you see her new boyfriend?  ____ was better looking #justsaying.

Be beautiful, be you, but oh maybe not this way. Or that. Be creative, be bold, be different, but socially acceptable in a place where we all “embrace” the spectrum of preferences.

Listen to my advice: men have an agenda, but don’t build your walls too high. Live your life, go crazy, but I’ll bring it up the next time.

Do what you want, just the way I want you to do it. Share your ideas, I want to hear it, but I won’t actually listen to it. I’ll ask for your advice, only if it coincides with mine.

How can you be sad? How can you be happy? I didn’t validate you to be.

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