‘I Think I Can’

I saw this picture today and it reminded me of my mother. 

Remember Thomas The Tank Engine? My lit teacher of a mother would dramatically read aloud Thomas’s iconic “I Think I Can, I Think I Can” every night during my bedtime.  

I call it the ‘broken recorder’ method that’s best consumed by an impressionable child. But guess what ma, it worked.

Because at 24 years old, I can forget if I bathed but I cannot forget these four words apart from “I Want To Sleep/Eat.” Or “Please Clean Your Room.”

“I Think I Can.” — Why not just “I Can?” After all, what does an insecure tank engine know about breakdowns? *casually looks at SMRT*

Well, I guess everyone deals with uncertainty at some point. I think Thomas was trying to say: Look, I’m just as scared and I’m not being an egomaniac to promise you success but I’m placing emotions aside so I can do the only logical thing–to move forward.

And that’s how I feel sometimes. 

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