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Zouk Halloween 2013: Geisha

The time of the year has finally arrived; when older generations frown upon the younger ones, confused by how a young lad seeks enjoyment in mummifying himself in toilet paper. “Aiyo kia si nang ah!”

Or how ironic it is that during 7th month we burn incense paper to ward off evil, while 3 months later we dress up AS the evil spirits to scare others.

Ironically, I dub it the “friendliest day of the year”, when everyone puts on a different mask and all of a sudden we’re friends with characters we recognize. “Power Rangers! Minions! Pontianak! All of a sudden we’re BFFs!”

My initial plan was to be one of the characters for X-Men. However, my boyfriend insisted that I should complement his Ninja character – aka his sidekick.

Yes, Chev in a white satin kimono adorned with floral prints while fluttering her rose fan? Only on Halloween.


I bought the outfit the night before at a Bugis Street lingerie store (yes just continue laughing at me alright).

I’ve seen online stores including sell them for about $15-20. However, paying for my last minute decision, I forked out $39.

Hair and makeup was done by me. I am proud to say that many people I met at Zouk complimented my makeup! I will explain the process below.

Did you realize that my hair is fake too? I HAVE SHORT HAIR REMEMBER? If you’re wondering where I got my fake bun, I usually get these wigs and extensions from OR


I created his Ninja outfit with items I borrowed from my Dad.

– A simple black shirt

– Drawstring pants

– Martial arts black belt

– Black shoelaces to taper his lower arms and legs

The only thing Jon bought was his face mask and sword.

Ithink some people thought that my tattoo was part of the look! HAHAHA. “Wah this one very realistic eh.”



STEP 1: White the life out of your face and lips!

I applied a ‘Snow White Milky Pack Lotion’ (from before setting it with my grandma’s ‘Oriental White Powder’. I wanted to create a smooth and even tone, so I took my time for this part with a sponge and bare hands.


STEP 2: I defined my brows using the Red Earth Brow Perfecting Kit in Mahogany.


STEP 3: I used a black pencil liner to contour my nose with a thin line, all the way till it connected with my brow head.


STEP 4: Using purple shadow, I applied it to my brow bone and my entire eye area, slowly blending it with the nose contour line.


STEP 5: I added a big of pink shadow (can’t really see it in the picture) to my lash line just for a slight gradient.


STEP 6: Using my NYX Glitter Palette, I carefully dabbed a mix of red and gold glitter around my eyes.


STEP 7: Lined my eyes with a black liquid liner, giving a wingtip, before tight-lining with a Heroine Make black pencil eyeliner.


STEP 8: Stuck rhinestones with an eyelash glue


STEP 9: Applied NYX Cream Blush


STEP 10: Applied my NYX 07 Alabama red lipstick


A random Caucasian dude jumped into the picture shouting “ZORRO!!!”


Left: Xue Er and Rachel, owners of Dollhousepets pet grooming

And a roaring applause for the only friend I couldn’t recognize until he had to show me his PICTURE as his handphone WALLPAPER – local actor Xavier Ong, standing behind me.

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