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Halloween 2014: Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween!

This year, I decided to have 2 getups- Queen of Hearts inspired by Alice in Wonderland & Elsa from Frozen.

Well, Elsa was a last minute spinoff because my friend Tammy pulled me to join her princess clan. I also wanted the challenge of being a character where I could don my long blonde wig that I bought earlier this year for my company D&D, where I came as Emma Frost from Xmen & blogged a tutorial too.

Hence, Elsa perfectly juxtaposed my everyday style, and isn’t that what Halloween’s all about?

I did my own makeup so here is the tutorial as promised on my Instagram post.

But first, let me take a selfie this was the final look!



Dress: Bought from a reseller online
Gloves, crown, leggings : CCM costume shop, Toa payoh
Fake bun (hair): girlhairdo.com (my favourite place for hair extensions or wigs)
Rose hair accessory: my mum’s
Wand: my mum’s, but you can get it at many pushcart stalls during Valentines’ Day, or some toy shops
Earrings: Lovisa
***The leggings were portrayed wrongly on the package – it was a full pair of stockings instead so I ended up cutting the top and rolling the frayed edges down.


– White face cream: bought mine from CCM costume shop, Toa Payoh
– White powder
– White pencil liner
– Black pencil liner
– Black liquid liner (optional)
– Mascara
– False lashes (optional)
– Blue eyeshadow (light blue, dark blue), red eyeshadow, dark brown/black eyeshadow: Vice3 palette (recently blogged about it HERE) by Urban Decay
– Deep red matte lipstick: I used my NYX alabama + Topshop Hazard lipstick
– Bronzer

Step 1: Starting with a clean bare face, use a white pencil liner to draw the top curve of your heart.

Step 2: If you aren’t good with drawing, then draw the bottom “V” first, where the end is touching your chin, before you complete the heart

Step 3: Fill in the heart with white cream/foundation, and try to cover as much of your natural brows as possible

Step 4: Outline the heart with black pencil liner

Step 5: For a more 3D effect, I used my Vice3 palette red eyeshadow for the outer corner of the heart – mixing Alchemy & Sonic, and used an eyeshadow brush to just fade it out like a gradient

Step 6: I used the light blue eyeshadow (Vice3 palette – Freeze) to apply all over my lid, slightly above my crease and with a black eyeliner, I drew a dramatic arched brow shape

Step 7: With the darker blue eyeshadow (Vice3 palette – Heroine), I applied it to the outer corner of my brow bone for a more intense look, fading it slightly in haha. I also used my Daiso $2 liquid liner (Princess brand) for an wingtip.

Step 8: With a black eye pencil, I drew a super dramatic black line as a comical double-eyelid 3D effect, before applying mascara and falsies.

Step 9: With my deep red matte lipstick, I applied it all over my lips. Then, with the black pencil liner, I gently lined the outer corner for that IN-YOUR-FACE thick lips.

Step 10: Now, all you need is to use your bronzer and apply it as per normal to define your cheekbone, and with a dark matte brown/black eyeshadow, contour your nose!
It may seem a little too comical to have such ‘”enhanced features” but it’ll look great in photos, especially flash photography.
Step 11: If you have long hair, try searching for queen of hearts hair tutorials online. If not, you can just tie a high bun. As I have short hair, I simply tied it up and added a fake bun, securing it with bobby pins.
Lastly, I wore my earrings, crown and rose hair piece.
After that, I went over to Lionel’s house and helped him with his last minute “frozen man” look!
Zouk Halloween!
Here are some shots taken through the night.
The following week, I decided to be a tad more “normal” hahah and came as Elsa.
I also helped Lionel come as a ZEBRA! 🙂
Dress: Rented from CCM costume shop
Wig: my own, www.girlhairdo.com

I used an extra white foundation to change my skin color and dabbed white powder over – covering my natural brows and lips too (because I had to fake Elsa’s super thin & arched brows, as well as thin lips).

To mimic Elsa’s eyes, I used 3 main shades of eyeshadows: bright purple, bright pink, and dark purple.

I filled in my inner and outer corners of my upper lid (leaving the middle empty) with bright purple, before filling in the middle with bright pink.

I then used a dark brown eye pencil to fake a high double-eyelid crease that Elsa has, before blending it out above my brow bone with dark purple. I also added a bit of purple to my lower lid.

With a black eye pencil, I lined my entire rim (top and bottom), before finishing it with mascara and falsies.

I used my medium brown Face Shop eyebrow pencil and made a really thin, long and arched brow.

As Elsa has a pointy-tip nose and lower bridge, I just shaded a nose contour at the bottom of my nose.

I then used my Canmake matte blusher and Daiso nose contour powder to contour my cheekbone.


Lastly, as Elsa has really thin and almost non-existent lips as compared to mine, I decided to apply a fuchsia lipstick to just the inner corner. Just compare it to my Queen of Hearts version!!

I wore my blonde wig, braided it, and


As it was really last minute, I didn’t get the proper gown or comb-backed fringe but I was pretty satisfied with my rendition!

Okay, maybe I looked a bit like Annabelle x Elsa in this photo haha.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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