Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre Review: Presbyopia/Lao Hua, Vision Correction & Cataract Surgery (Part 2)


(Continued from part 1)

The next day, my mum went back to Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre for the same procedure on her right ‘non- master’ eye that also had a custom fit Toric Mono-focal lens implant, this time it was specially tailored for her to provide long hours of reading.

No Downtime After Operation

With the type of stitchless, small – incision cataract surgery that my mum had, there was no downtime, although my mum mentioned that her eyes felt slightly tired.

Post-op 2nd day: my mum was told she can shower and wash hair as per normal, if shampoo gets into her eyes it is ok. She may steam, fry and BBQ, do any exercise such as gym and jogging from 2nd day onwards. This is because she had micro-incisional cataract surgery which heals immediately.

She was advised not to use make up for 3 days following her op,  so some people may prefer to take medical / hospitalisation leave for a few days and simply just rest at home.

Vision Normalising After Cataract Operation

Right after the operation, my mum’s vision was clear but reading was still a bit “new” and unnatural as she had to allow more time to adapt to the different system (mono-vision, i.e. one eye sees far, other eye reads) that had been programmed into her eyes.

Her left eye was fitted with a custom Mono-focal lens implant for long distance vision, while her right eye’s Mono-focal lens implant was fitted for close-up reading.

However, Dr Natasha and team told her to avoid being too conscious of the difference and to continue using both eyes at all times.

Follow-Ups After Both Cataract Surgeries Were Complete

There were 3 follow-up sessions to ensure the surgery was successful and the recovery smooth-sailing; 1 day post-op, 1 week later and 1 month later.

Initially, she had to adjust print material (newspapers etc) to get the most ‘comfortable’ distance (“sweet spot”). Now, she can get into the sweet spot almost immediately and be ready in focus for reading!

So now my mum and I are the same – neither one of us need to wear glasses at all, but we took on different surgeries due to our age. Dr Natasha recommended what was suitable for my age (Lasik) and what was a permanent solution to wearing glasses for my mum who was in her 50s – Cataract Surgery and Mono-vision Lens Implantation.

Post-Surgery Outcome

Although my mum wishes that she had done it earlier, she’s glad that Dr Natasha didn’t hard-sell any temporary solution for her cataract issue.

Results were good and my mum noticed clear vision for far distance immediately after the op. For reading, it gets better and better with time, and was at its best 3 months post-op.

Sometimes she forgets that she has near-perfect eyesight so she’ll reach out for her spectacle case whenever she wakes up (lol).

Now, she enjoys watching Korean drama while seated on the sofa that’s the furthest away from the TV and applying/removing makeup without the hassle of worrying about contact lenses. There’s also no need for her to fret over eye products to bring whenever she travels.

At 900-degrees, not wearing specs/lenses is almost equivalent to being blind because your vision will be entirely blur. But after 38 years of spending thousands on temporary solutions, this permanent solution is the BEST INVESTMENT EVER.

It sounds almost unreal. My father was so affected by me and my mum’s spectacle freedom that he later approached Dr Natasha for his cataract surgery, except this time, Dr Natasha recommended my father multi-focal lens implants ( instead of my mum’s mono-focal lens implants for mono-vision) as he was found to be a suitable candidate for multi-focal lens implants (your eyes need to be 100% perfect on clinical examination…. and his was!). Now my father enjoys binocular vision for all distances – far, near and intermediate.


Multi-focal lens implant to provide binocular vision.

Multi-focal lens implant to provide binocular vision.

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