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Cutest Bear Puppy: Bibi The Chow

January 30, 2015

On New Year’s Eve, I made one of my biggest life-changing decisions.


*screams hysterically and rolls on the floor like Tyra Banks hyperventilating about Vaseline on her talk show*

Blog friends, please meet Bibi…

NOTE: if you plan to get a chow, remember that it’s a lifetime commitment so don’t buy them if you can’t afford to give them a good life. They have high risks of health problems, some requiring $6k medical fees and more. Also, they are high maintenance.

I found Bibi through a gumtree online listing and paid quite a hefty sum to the previous owners who couldn’t keep him anymore.

He’s quiet, toilet trained, affectionate, generally lazy though active when I bring him for walks, super chill – doesn’t give a shit about minor things, and is the friendliest dog ever.

I’ve had a problem sleeping in the dark with the lights all off (haha true story) all the way till now, but with Bibi, I don’t feel alone. He even follows me to the toilet. I sleep better (because his snoring makes me feel like sleeping haha).

Bibi’s first grooming experience.
He kept squeezing to the very end of the tub because he was afraid of his first bath time…
Yes, that’s Bibi’s backpack which I bought from a (human) kid fashion store…he now carries it every time he goes out, as it contains everything we need – newspapers, toilet roll, and treats.
That’s his favourite bear…
I bought the tacos costume from my friend/groomer’s shop @ Dollhousepets
STAR shirt from Daiso, $2
 Jumper from Aqua Pets @ Thomson Plaza
Shoutout to my pet supplies sponsor, – I’m eternally grateful for you guys.

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