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[Review] Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

Shiny glossy legs, checked. Moisturized skin, checked. No messy hands with creams stuck underneath nails, checked.

Although my grandmother has been using Vaseline for years, I only became a petroleum jelly convert few years ago after I decided to try this “eye and anything” secret that made Tyra Banks (literally) roll on the floor during her show while giving bedazzled Vaseline jars to her audience. Since then, I’ve slathered it on as an overnight moisturizer, a lip balm, and even with my liquid foundation if I want it more dewy.

I’ve always bought their jelly for a few bucks at convenience stores but this time, Vaseline let me try 3 bottles of their new Intensive Care Spray moisturizers, available in major supermarkets and pharmacies for $13.90 per bottle.

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Photo 7-6-16, 7 43 05 PM
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[HAIR] Ash Grey Lob

After futile attempts to grow my hair long, I’m back to a mid-length bob.

Big hugs to Salon Vim 313 and my stylist Fiona, as always. They have been my sole hair sponsor for years now, even though I’m usually too busy (or tired) to keep up with my bi-monthly appointments.

This time, Fiona snipped off a few inches and tamed my weeds with the collagen treatment (before/after picture below). She picked a gradient ash colour with a darker shade on top so when the root grows, it’ll blend in better. Partially because she knows I won’t be able to keep up with the touch-up appointments. Even my friends subtly nag at me for being hair-y lazy (that’s why I usually just bun my hair) so I have to make do with fuss-free hairstyles.

For first timers, quote my name for 15% off!

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Blush Trend: Orange For Spring

Video: Nylon Japan, March 2016 Model: Mala Morgan (Sun music).

Girls listen up: If you’re bored of the heavy “Instagram” contouring these days, this is how you can apply blusher naturally that’s pretty on many Asian features and fair skin tones.

It’s been a classic Japanese style of applying blush for a sunkissed look; sweeping it horizontally across your nose (just not too much or you’ll look sunburnt instead, yikes).

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$10 and Below Matte Lipsticks in Singapore

Disclaimer: *This is a non sponsored/paid post, every product is paid for with my own money.*

There are a myriad of competitive beauty products in the market, but here are some of my favourite matte lipsticks (so far) that are also affordable and convenient to purchase locally in Singapore.

Matte lipsticks can be a bit drying so if you have chapped lips like mine, apply vaseline overnight and a plumping lip gloss when you wake up. You can also exfoliate with sugar and a toothbrush/towel.

I also find them the most versatile as you can convert matte to ‘shine’ but not vice versa; matte colours are usually most vivid, and if you need shine you can just add plain glitter gloss on top.

NEUTRAL LIPS: NYX Matte Lipstick  in Tea Rose, $6

(Pictured top & bottom)

I own a range of NYX lipsticks in various shades (cream/matte/glossy) which are available at selected Watsons and Sephora stores for around $10. Alternatively, you can hunt for better deals online.

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Evermoist CC Cushion - Stylized Shot 1

6 Skin Saving Facts To Know About Biotherm’s New Foundation

Biotherm recently launched their very first Aquasource Evermoist C.C Cushion, and the team was extremely kind to send me some love. Blame the balloons for bribery, but I had to try it the minute I came home after work.

(FYI: This is a non-paid post that I’m typing at 12.16am right now. I get new products sent to me now and then, and if I blog about them it’s written on my own accord.)

#1 question – what makes it different from tons of other BB or CC (next time DD, EE? Lol) creams? I’ve broken down the scientific terms like “contains Brightening Symwhite” to explain it in layman terms.

#2 question – expensive or not? Thankfully, no. 1 case & 2 refills are retailing at $69 and there’s a launch promo going on.

Read more for details.

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halloween 2015 chevonne makeup
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Halloween 2015 Makeup

Here are snaps from Halloween 2015! I helped out as a special effects makeup artist for one night Bistro du Vin and finished about 12 faces in approx 2-3 hours. I did “burnt” victims for the first time using tissue paper, eyelash glue, and eyeshadow colors in shades of red and yellow (for pus).

I initially wanted to dress up as a steampunk character but with the tight schedule, I had to churn out something for myself within minutes.

Hence, I came in a DIY skeletal victorian-like getup and opted for a half-face instead. Sorry I didn’t take any images in my full outfit – I had knee-length leather boots!

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Halloween 2014: Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween!

This year, I decided to have 2 getups- Queen of Hearts inspired by Alice in Wonderland & Elsa from Frozen.

Well, Elsa was a last minute spinoff because my friend Tammy pulled me to join her princess clan. I also wanted the challenge of being a character where I could don my long blonde wig that I bought earlier this year for my company D&D, where I came as Emma Frost from Xmen & blogged a tutorial too.

Hence, Elsa perfectly juxtaposed my everyday style, and isn’t that what Halloween’s all about?

I did my own makeup so here is the tutorial as promised on my Instagram post.

But first, let me take a selfie this was the final look!

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daiso skincare products review $2
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REVIEW: $2 Daiso Skincare Products

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored/paid review.

Today’s all about my $2 skincare products – yes, you heard that right.

First of all, I have never dealt with any major skin issues – except occasional dryness, pimples, slightly uneven skin tone and dark circles.

Always on the lookout for Asian/natural/inexpensive skincare products, I decided to guinea pig myself and experiment with several Daiso products.


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Zouk Halloween 2013: Geisha

The time of the year has finally arrived; when older generations frown upon the younger ones, confused by how a young lad seeks enjoyment in mummifying himself in toilet paper. “Aiyo kia si nang ah!”

Or how ironic it is that during 7th month we burn incense paper to ward off evil, while 3 months later we dress up AS the evil spirits to scare others.

Ironically, I dub it the “friendliest day of the year”, when everyone puts on a different mask and all of a sudden we’re friends with characters we recognize. “Power Rangers! Minions! Pontianak! All of a sudden we’re BFFs!”

My initial plan was to be one of the characters for X-Men. However, my boyfriend insisted that I should complement his Ninja character – aka his sidekick.

Yes, Chev in a white satin kimono adorned with floral prints while fluttering her rose fan? Only on Halloween.

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