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[HAIR] Ash Grey Lob

After futile attempts to grow my hair long, I’m back to a mid-length bob.

Big hugs to Salon Vim 313 and my stylist Fiona, as always. They have been my sole hair sponsor for years now, even though I’m usually too busy (or tired) to keep up with my bi-monthly appointments.

This time, Fiona snipped off a few inches and tamed my weeds with the collagen treatment (before/after picture below). She picked a gradient ash colour with a darker shade on top so when the root grows, it’ll blend in better. Partially because she knows I won’t be able to keep up with the touch-up appointments. Even my friends subtly nag at me for being hair-y lazy (that’s why I usually just bun my hair) so I have to make do with fuss-free hairstyles.

For first timers, quote my name for 15% off!


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