24 Feb 2017

Typing here at 12.35am with my hair wrapped in a towel and my right arm bandaged after a post-work tattoo session. Been so busy in recent months that I’ve sacrificed most of my social life and space. 

Last night, I attended a SK Jewellery runway/dinner with Audrey (@tippytoess) and we suspect a fellow “media” person stole our door gifts. Because it was a gold coin. Shady AF. You should’ve at least taken the empty paper bag too. 

Hey, it was a lot of effort to rush out to boon keng market during lunch to buy this $20 dress I wore as a last minute solution (seen below) for the event lol. 

I spend most of my life editing articles now at The Smart Local HQ. If you want to know which black hole I slipped into when I MIA, please like Zula’s FB page.

To end off my too-busy-to-blog-so-gonna-just-share-snippets post, thank you Maybelline for sending over the  upcoming Fashion Brow Collection. 

Can’t wait to wake up in the morning to try these babies. You’ve no idea how much a new outfit/makeup can motivate me to resurrect from bed at 7.00am. And when it comes to brows, my alarms are titled for a reason:


Launching in March:

Fashion Brow Promade – A creamy wax-based promade stick.

Fashion Brow Ultra Fluffy – A gel-to-powder brow pencil that fills in bald spots softly.

Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer – their first fiber-infusing gel brow mascara that boosts brow color and volume for a 3-dimensional effect.”

Nights xo

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