Topshop Hazard Lipstick & Glitter Polish + New Hair @ Kimage

I bought the Topshop Hazard lipstick and I must say that I LOVE IT!

It glides on easily and the color is vibrant. 

Furthermore, there is enough "moisture content" in it -  it delivers the same effect as a matte lipstick being quite low in shine, but is slightly glossy so it does not dry your lips as much

Me wearing it!

Moving on to the Topshop Glitter Nail Polish! 

Using a gunmetal metallic silver polish from Rubi, I layered it right above the base coat. 

Then i used a generous amount of glitter polsih to go over it.

And.. the result....
I had to blur it and have that "bokeh" effect for you to see all the pretty glitter colors! 

My camera couldn't catch a decent picture that could be of justice to how it really looks like in real life ):

Hairdye @ Kimage