Esplanade / Makansutra / Weird dreams

I absolutely adore Herbal Eggs, ever since the Genting trip with my friends. I could eat 6 straight everyday.

Took the last train from town to Esplanade
Makansutra brings back memories. I remember years back, Faizal said 
"Hey why don't we go to Karmasutra" to a group of us
I, being the usual observant one, was quite stunned for no one noticed his mistake
5 seconds later, everyone burst out laughing
You know Karmasutra right...? hahaha
THE FOOD THERE IS UNBELIEVABLE. 4 bucks for a generous amount of delicious Char Kway Teow
Even Jon's Satay Beehoon was so good
Batman returns
Went to find Zoe<3 at the Butter Factory and she passed me her nicely baked chewy chocolate cookies

Few hours ago I woke up from one of my typical dreams, except that this constituted death of someone else. I can tolerate all kinds of surreal and incandescently vivid forms of images, but spare me from this. I dreamt that A my good friend/"bro" died and I still remember the words written in the letter. The entire background was dark and eerie. I remember the faces, many my course mates. Cherone was tightening a metre-long rosary with large wooden beads between his hands and whipping something while everyone was destroying a particular church because they said it was "evil". The church's exterior was painted black and whip by whip, the stained glass came crashing down. Fragments. Faces. Sounds. I was in a room, with a doctor. I had an silver acupuncture needle about 20cm down my left arm. I had to run away, yet I cannot remember why. I pulled the needle out myself while he wasn't looking and clinging to the end, was an insect with a girl's face. I cannot remember who it was but I was telling Cherone to kill it. That (according to what I said) Bitch dropped down to the floor and scurried away. I was diverted into her body and the visual dimensions of how she saw the room - everything was so large and my breathing was heavy.

Then my mind chose to erase the rest.
 Arghhhh so frustrating.